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Lun.30 mars 201530/03/2015 Édition de la mi-journée

The posh Paris school serving the elite with tax breaks

|  Par Lucie Delaporte

The Ecole Bilingue Active Jeannine-Manuel is a semi-private Paris school specialised in teaching in both French and English, where its 2,200 pupils are offered a complete lower education cycle from age 3 to 18. It has become the school of choice for parents among the capital’s political, business and showbiz elite, as well as others from the expat community, and boasts exceptional educational standards and means that provide a 100% pass rate for the school-leaving Baccalauréat exam. But, as Lucie Delaporte reports, a significant part of the funding of this high-performing school for the offspring of the rich and famous is met through a generous system of tax breaks.


The Ecole Bilingue Active Jeannine-Manuel (EABJM) is a unique and sought-after Paris school that offers the offspring of the rich, famous and powerful an elite educational training and the chance to later become part of an international club of professional high-flyers.

This semi-private school in the 15th arrondissement of Paris specialises in teaching in both French and English, from the pre-school entry class for three year-olds right through to the school-leaving Baccalauréat exam. It was recently classified in daily La Tribune as the third-best lycée [1] in France after Henri IV and Louis-le-Grand, the state high schools in Paris which regularly get the top ratings.

The sons and daughters of political figures like former president Nicolas Sarkozy, the head of his conservative UMP party, Jean-François Copé, or captains of industry like Arnaud ...


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