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Macron set to discuss Ukraine and trade in state visit to US

International — Link

This week’s visit — it will include Oval Office talks, a glitzy dinner, a news conference and more — comes at a critical moment for both leaders.

Macron announces plan to build express train lines in urban centres

France — Link

French President Emmanuel Macron has said he wants to see the future building of express commuter rail networks in towns and cities across France, calling it 'a super idea, for the environment, for the economy and for the quality of life'.

The environmentalists fighting French farmers' giant water basins

France — Link

While there are hundreds of thousands of water reservoirs used by farmers across France, what has prompted angry protests by environmentalist activists, dismised as 'eco-terrorists' by France's interior minister, is the size of the latest ones and the source of the water they collect.

Three wounded over weekend in shootings by French hunters

France — Link

Three people were wounded in separate shooting incidents involving French hunters at the weekend, amid growing controversy over the widespread and traditional practice of hunting in rural areas.    

Legal row over true site of Gauls' battle victory over Romans

France — Link

A government decree making a village location in central France a national heritage site on archeologists' advice that it was where the 25BC Battle of Gergovia was played out, when an army of Gauls defeated that of Roman emperor Julius Caesar, is being legally challenged by the Patrimoine-Environnement association which insists that the real battlefield was four kilometres away, at a spot soon to be covered in solar panels.

French prosecutors probe Macron election campaigns

France — Link

France's prosecution services specialised in financial crimes have confirmed that a current investigation into potential tax fraud by the US-based consultancy giant McKinsey has been widened to include involvement by consultancy companies in Emmanuel Macron's two successful presidential election campaigns in 2017 and 2022.

French lower house votes in favour of abortion as constitutional right

France — Link

The National Assembly, the French parliament's lower house, has voted in favour of making the right to abortion a clause of the country's constitution, a move prompted by the US Supreme Court's ruling earlier this year to overturn nationwide abortion rights, and which will now be submitted for approval by France's rightwing-controlled upper house, the Senate.

Outrage over judge’s gagging order against Mediapart investigation


Following the extraordinary gagging order issued by a Paris judge last Friday to prevent Mediapart from publishing a report on a serious political scandal surrounding Gaël Perdriau, mayor of the French town of Saint-Étienne, numerous fellow journalists, the legal profession, rights groups and cross-party members of both houses of the French parliament have expressed their outrage.

French MP's move to ban bullfighting is red rag for corrida fans

France — Link

France's parliament will on Thursday debate a proposal by a leftwing member to introduce a ban on bullfighting, which is still practiced in southern French towns, prompting street protests by corrida supporters and counter-demonstrations by those supporting the bill.

Police probe slams French coastguard over migrant deaths in Channel

France — Link

A gendarmerie report into the deaths of 27 migrants whose boat sank in the Channel en route to England from France last November has found that the Calais coastguard failed to respond to several earlier distress calls, opening the possibility of prosecution proceedings, according to French press reports.

Radical French film-maker Jean-Marie Straub dies at 89

France — Link

Jean-Marie Straub, who formed a film-making tandem with his wife Danièle Huillet, challenging traditional narrative and aesthetic patterns in their work which included The Chronicle of Anna Magdalena Bach (1968), From the Clouds to the Resistance (1979) and Sicilia! (1999), has died at his home in Switzerland at the age of 89.

French tax inspector murdered during business audit

France — Link

The owner of a second-hand goods business in the village of Bullecourt in northern France attacked and tied to a chair two tax inspectors during their audit of his accounts, stabbing to death one of them before shooting himself.

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Conférence de presse suite à la censure préalable d’une enquête de Mediapart

Blog post

Saisi par l’avocat de Gaël Perdriau, le président du tribunal judiciaire de Paris a fait injonction à Mediapart de ne pas publier de nouvelles révélations concernant les pratiques politiques du maire de Saint-Étienne. Dérogeant au principe du contradictoire, cette censure préalable est une attaque sans précédent contre la liberté de la presse. Suivez notre conférence en direct.

L’engagement écologique de Mediapart

Blog post

À l’occasion de la COP27, notre rédaction présente dans un texte collectif son engagement écologique face aux dérèglements en cours, aussi bien notre façon d’en rendre compte que les mots que nous employons et le positionnement que nous revendiquons. Deux fils rouges nous guident : dénouer les mécanismes économiques et sociaux à l’œuvre dans cette prédation généralisée, esquisser des pistes pour l’enrayer.

Document : l’« Appel à la vigilance » de 1993

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En hommage à son initiateur Maurice Olender, disparu le 27 octobre 2022, nous publions l’« Appel à la vigilance » lancé le 13 juillet 1993 par quarante intellectuels face à la résurgence de courants d’extrême droite dans les milieux intellectuels.

[Vidéo] Journalisme et démocratie locale : retour sur l'affaire de Saint-Etienne

Blog post

Le 11 octobre dernier, Mediapart, en partenariat avec les médias locaux If Saint-Étienne, Le Progrès, France Bleu, TL7 et Activ Radio, organisait une soirée-débat au cinéma Le Méliès pour répondre aux questions des stéphanoises et des stéphanois sur l'affaire de chantage à la mairie de Saint-Etienne. Retrouvez ces échanges en vidéo.

Mediapart fait sa rentrée en vidéo !

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