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  • Macron calls police shooting of teenager 'unforgivable'

    France — Link

    French president's  comments come after protests over the killing gripped the Paris region overnight.

  • Tensions mount in Paris after boy, 17, was shot dead by police

    France — Link

    Clashes break out between youths and police in Nanterre after fatal shooting that followed traffic stop.

  • Probe after French police kill teenage driver who refused to stop

    France — Link

    Prosecutors say the 17-year-old was in the Paris suburb of Nanterre early on Tuesday when police shot him dead after he broke road rules and failed to stop.

  • Macron returns to Marseille for update on city regeneration

    France — Link

    In September 2021, Macron promised €5 billion in government support to freshen up dilapidated schools, improve housing as well as transport links. There was also a pledge to make the streets safer from drug dealers and criminal gangs.

  • French Sunday newspaper on strike over fears of far-right turn

    France — Link

    New editor is Geoffroy Lejeune,  the former head of magazine Valeurs Actuelles, which has courted controversy with anti-immigrant covers and was fined for a racist insult in 2022.

  • Arrested French publisher faces no further action

    France — Link

    Ernest Moret was taken into custody in London after failing to provide the pin to his phone when asked to by officers.

  • Greta Thunberg says France is targeting climate activists

    France — Link

    Swedish climate activist's comments came after French government shut down the environmental activist group Les Soulèvements de la Terre on the grounds that it was provoking armed protests or violent actions.

  • Macron calls for global taxation in push for climate solidarity

    France — Link

    Talking to FRANCE 24, the French head of state emphasised the need for global cooperation and "mobilisation" in implementing international taxes to support climate action and poverty alleviation.

  • French court drops rape case against filmmaker Luc Besson

    France — Link

    The decision by France’s top appeals court effectively ends one of the most high-profile cases to emerge in the country’s #MeToo movement.

  • More than 30 hurt as Paris building collapses after explosion

    France — Link

    Four of those involved were seriously injured following the blast in a building that housed a design school and the Catholic education system headquarters in Rue Saint-Jacques, in the fifth arrondissement of the French capital.

  • France shuts down climate activist group

    France — Link

    French interior minister Gérald Darmanin has referred several times to "eco-terrorism" in relation to the actions of Les Soulèvements de la Terre in recent months, saying some activists had showed "extreme violence against police forces".

  • Outrage as French grandmother and child attacked on doorstep

    France — Link

    French politicians describe ‘horror’ and ‘chaos’ as south-west city of Bordeaux sees steep ‘rise in acts of violence and crime’ over recent years.

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