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  • Macron in 'exalted commemoration' of Emperor Napoleon

    France — Link

    Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday led an official ceremony at the tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte to mark 200 years since the death of the one-time emperor, in what the French president said was a commemoration and not a celebration of his life.

  • French journalist kidnapped by jihadists in Mali

    International — Link

    French freelance journalist Olivier Dubois, who disappeared in the northern Mali town of Gao on April 8th, appeared in a video on Wednesday appealing for the authorities to secure his release from captivity at the hands of an al-Qaida-linked jihadist group. 

  • France threatens cutting power supplies to Jersey in fishing row

    International — Link

    A French minister has warned that France may cut off electricity supplies to Jersey, the British crown Channel Island dependency, in response to a post-Brexit fishing rights dispute. 

  • Farmer modifies Belgium-France border for tractor path

    France — Link

    A farmer redrew the France-Belgium border by moving a century-old border stone to allow his tractor to pass.

  • Draft law on climate change wins first hurdle in French parliament

    France — Link

    The French lower house, the National Assembly, on Tuesday approved draft legislation on new measures to tackle climate change, including bans on some domestic flights and the creation of a new 'ecocide' crime to punish polluters, before the bill, which Greenpeace called 'a lost opportunity', goes to the Senate.

  • Lebanon central bank chief target of corruption complaint in France

    International — Link

    French anti-corruption NGO Sherpa has filed a legal complaint against Lebanon's central bank governor Riad Salemeh for allegedly diverting for his personal gain public funds worth hundreds of millions of euros to France and elsewhere in Europe. 

  • Prosecutor urges closing Rwanda genocide case against French troops

    International — Link

    The Paris prosecution services have advised that a judicial investigation into the alleged complicity of French troops in the 1994 genocide in Rwanda of Tutsis by Hutu extremists be dropped for lack of evidence.  

  • French mayor convicted of rape runs town from prison

    France — Link

    More than two months after conviction, the former minister and conservative  mayor Georges Tron is still  governing his town of almost 30,000 people from his prison cell.

  • French union says it came under attack at May Day march in Paris

    France — Link

    It appears that on Saturday the rioters targeted the anti-capitalist CGT trade union on the streets of the French capital.

  • Scuffles, arrests in Paris as thousands mark May Day

    France — Link

    Police source saidt far-left "black bloc" protesters had repeatedly tried to block the trade union-led march in the French capital, with 34 people detained. 

  • France honours police worker stabbed to death near Paris

    France — Link

    Stéphanie Monfermé was killed on April 23rd  at her police station in the quiet town of Rambouillet.

  • French economy beats forecasts and grows 0.4% despite Covid curbs

    France — Link

    Official data shows that consumer spending and business investment held up in France in the first months of 2021 despite coronavirus curbs.

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