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  • French prosecutors search banks over alleged dividend stripping

    France — Link

    The French prosecutors' actions are the latest to hit global banks over the dividend tax fraud scheme as similar investigations have been conducted in Germany and other European countries. 

  • Hundreds of thousands to continue strikes and protests in France

    France — Link

    Fears of more violent clashes with police as demonstrations against President Macron’s unpopular pensions policy to carry on.

  • The French have a way with protests, but this man in particular

    France — Link

    Jean-Baptiste Reddé has hoisted his giant, colourful signs in nearly every street protest for over a decade, embodying France’s enduring passion for demonstrations, and in the current dispute over Emmanuel Macron's push to increase the retirement age on full pension rights in order to fund the system, he says taxing the country’s rich would be more effective.

  • Man critically injured in clashes with police in NW France demo

    France — Link

    A 30-year-old man is in hospital in a critical condition after he was wounded to the head by a grenade fired by police during a demonstration by environmental activists against the building of a giant water reservoir for cereal farmers, when the very violent clashes left dozens of others injured among both police and demonstrators. 

  • Environmentalist protest sees French police in new violent clashes

    France — Link

    Several people among both demonstrators and police were left in a critical condition, and others less seriously injured, after clashes at a march in open countryside in north-west France against the building of giant water basins for cereal farmers which protestors say is stealing water away from environmentally positive uses.

  • Ex-UK envoy says Versailles banquet for Charles amid strife 'bad idea'

    France — Link

    Commenting on the postponing of the state visit to France by King Charles because of the disruption of protests over over pension reforms, Peter Ricketts, British ambassador to France between 2012 and 2016, said the planned banquet in the palace of Versailles would have been a 'particularly bad idea', with 'all kinds of echoes from the past going back to the revolution'. 

  • Elite gendarme unit officer killed in operation in French Guiana

    France — Link

    An officer with France's elite intervention unit, the GIGN, was shot dead overnight Friday in French Guyana during a joint operation with armed forces against illegal gold digging, which is considered to be a major source of pollution of water systems in the overseas territory. 

  • UK king's state visit to France cancelled amid pension protest chaos

    International — Link

    King Charles's state visit to France between Sunday and Wednesday has been called off by President Emmanuel Macron in face of major disruption caused by popular protests against his reform of the pensions system, and with unions calling for a major day of action on Tuesday.

  • King Charles's visit to France compromised by pensions reform revolt

    France — Link

    A visit to France by the UK's King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla, due to take place between next Sunday and Wednesday, is threatened with chaos as the continuing movement against President Emmanuel Macron's pension reforms sees unions refusing to prepare his red-carpet reception, while a further day of protest action has been called for Tuesday, the day of his planned visit to Bordeaux, where protestors on Thursday burned down the historic wooden door of its city hall.     

  • Large turnout for nationwide protests against Macron's pension reform

    France — Link

    A ninth day of nationwide demonstrations in France on Thursday in protest at Emmanuel Macron's pension system reforms saw no drop in turnout on those held earlier this month, with trades unions claiming more than three million took part while police estimated just more than one million.

  • French union leaders slam Macron 'lies' and 'disdain' in TV interview

    France — Link

    Following a televised interview on Wednesday in which Emmanuel Macron made his first public comments since forcing his pension reform legislation through parliament without a vote last week, trades union leaders and opposition parties variously slammed the French president for telling 'lies' and showing 'disdain' and 'contempt' for those against the reform, while another nationwide day of demonstrations and strikes against its implementation is to be held on Thursday.  

  • French government survives no-confidence vote by narrow margin

    France — Link

    The French government on Monday survived by just nine votes a no-confidence motion in parliament that required 287 in favour to succeed, tabled after President Emmanuel Macron controversially ordered that his proposed reform of the pensions system, including raising the retirment age on full pension rights from 62 to 64, should be forced through parliament by decree.

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