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  • French 'getaway king' stands trial amid high security

    France — Link

    Massive security measures were in place on Tuesday as Rédoine Faïd, 51, and 11 accused accomplices went on trial in Paris for his dramatic escape from prison in 2018 using a hijacked helicopter, the second time the armed robber had broken out of jail in audacious circumstances.

  • French actress Emmanuelle Béart says she was victim of incest

    France — Link

    French film actress Emmanuelle Béart, 60, reveals during a documentary she co-directed about incest that she was herself sexually abused by an unnamed family member as a child, but insisted it was not her late father, the singer and songwriter Guy Béard.

  • Death of Adama Traoré: probe drops case against gendarmes

    France — Link

    The family of Adama Traoré, 24, who died while in the custody of three gendarmes in the town of Beaumont-sur-Oise in July 2016, said they will appeal a decision by magistrates investigating the circumstances of his death to dismiss the case against the officers.

  • French government plans ban on disposable vapes

    France — Link

    French Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne has announced her government is to launch a 'new national plan' against the use of tobacco, including a ban on disposable vapes which she said gave 'bad habits' to young people.

  • Algerian coatguard shoots dead French-Moroccan jet skiers

    International — Link

    Two men from a group of four holidaymakers with dual French and Moroccan nationality were killed when an Algerian coastguards reportedly shot at them after they strayed into Algerian waters on jet skis.

  • Paris introduces curtain ban on e-scooter rental

    France — Link

    The last of the around 15,000 electric scooters available for rent by phone app on a 'take-it-here-leave-it-there' basis and which have since 2018 flooded - some say encumbered - Parisian streets, were rounded up on Thursday ahead of a ban on the controversial machines that begins on Friday.

  • Opposition parties sceptical over Macron's referenda 'innovation'

    France — Link

    Cross-party talks on a proposition by French President Emmanuel Macron to introduce a series of referenda on major issues, in an attempt to unblock his party's predicament in parliament where it is without an absolute majority, ended in the early hours of Thursday after 12 hours of discussions and with opposition party leaders voicing their scepticism over the project.

  • France defies Niger coup leaders' order to withdraw ambassador

    International — Link

    In an increasingly tense standoff, French President Emmanuel Macron said on Monday that France will not comply with the demand made last Friday by Niger's junta that its ambassador leave the West African country within 48 hours.

  • French education minister bans Muslim abayas at state schools

    France — Link

    Newly appointed education minister Gabriel Attal said that the wearing of long, flowing dresses favoured by some Muslim women would no longer be allowed when the new term begins next week because they violated the French principle of secularism, or laïcité.

  • France to spend €200m destroying wine as demand falls

    France — Link

    Problems for the industry include falling demand as more people drink craft beer; most of the €200m will be used to buy excess stock, with the alcohol sold for use in items such as hand sanitiser, cleaning products and perfume.

  • Marine Le Pen 'likely' to win next French election warns minister

    France — Link

    In a direct challenge to the president, interior minister Gérald Darmanin warns country must get tough on crime or risk opening door to the hard-Right.

  • Two fatal shootings in three days in French city of Nîmes

    France — Link

    Both shootings - in which the victims were aged 10 and 18 - took place in the Pissevin area of the historic city which has become plagued by drug violence.

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