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  • Russian soldier who spoke of Ukraine 'chaos' seeks asylum in France

    International — Link

    Russian paratrooper Pavel Filatiev, 34, who took part in the invasion of Ukraine, last weekend requested asylum in France after fleeing his regiment in face of what he said were threats of years in prison for having denounced the war and the poor state of Russia's military.

  • Trump 'bragged he had intelligence on Macron's sex life'

    International — Link

    Former US president Donald Trump boasted that he had secret details about French President Emmanuel Macron's love life, according to Rolling Stone magazine, which reports, citing sources, that the existence of a document entitled 'info re: President of France' seized by FBI officers at Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate earlier this month caused 'a trans-Atlantic freakout'.

  • French rugby world cup boss removed over staff abuse claims

    France — Link

    Former rugbyman Claude Atcher has been suspended from his post as head of the 2023 Rugby World Cup organising committee following what sports minister Amélie Oudéa-Castera called 'alarming managerial practices' and 'infringements of financial probity'.

  • French MP says 'virility' symbol of barbecued meat must end

    France — Link

    Sandrine Rousseau, a Member of Parliament with France's EELV Green party and a self-declared “eco-feminist”, prompted criticism from the Right when, arguing for less meat consumption, she said that the country had 'to change mentality so that eating steak cooked on a barbecue is not a symbol of virility'.

  • AI helps French tax inspectors hunt undeclared pools and buildings

    France — Link

    The French tax authorities are extending the use of a system developed by Google and Capgemini which can identify swimming pools on aerial images and cross-check them with land registry databases to see if they were officially declared.    

  • Air France pilots suspended for fighting each other in cockpit

    France — Link

    Two Air France pilots have been suspended from duty after an argument in the cockpit turned into a fight during a passenger-carrying flight from Paris to Geneva, according to media reports.

  • Paul Pogba says he is victim of extortion and threats from gang

    France — Link

    Footballer Paul Pogba, who plays in the French national team and who rejoined Juventus from Manchester United this summer, said he has been threatened by a gang demanding 13 million euros in an extortion attempt involving his brother Mathias Pogba.

  • Macron warns of 'serious problems' over jibe by UK's would-be PM

    International — Link

    Reacting to comments by Liz Truss, the favourite in the two-horse race to become the UK's next prime minister, who when asked at a public debate if Emmanuel Macron was a "friend or foe" replied that "the jury is still out", said that if France and Britain "aren't able to say if we're friends or foes - the term isn't neutral - we're heading towards serious problems".

  • British conman hunted after 'running over French police officers'

    International — Link

    Convicted British conman Robert Hendy-Freegard, 51, whose criminal past is the subject of a Netflix series, is being hunted by French police after he reportedly drove his car at two gendarmes, injuring both, as he fled his property in central France.

  • Macron arrives in Algeria in bid to 'rebuild' relationship

    International — Link

    French President Emmanuel Macron began a three-day visit to Algeria on Thursday, which his office said was to 'lay a foundation to rebuild and develop' the often frought relations between the two countries, while analysts say that Macron will press for an increase in Algerian gas exports.

  • Macron warns of difficult winter ahead and 'end of abundance'

    France — Link

    French President Emmanuel Macron, citing notably the effects of climate change and the war in Ukraine, warned of difficult times ahead this winter and announced the end of an 'era of abundance', causing angry comments from among his opponents who retorted that many in France are jobless and poor. 

  • French MEPs call for action over UK raw sewage spills into Channel

    International — Link

    Three French Members of the European Parliament, all from President Macron's party, have published a joint letter to the European Commission calling for action over recent incidents in Britain of raw sewage spills into the Channel and North Sea which they said 'seriously' endangers public health and the marine environment in France.

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