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Firefighters battle wildfire in southwest France as 8,000 people evacuated

France — Link

A major highway near the city of Bordeaux was closed on Wednesday afternoon due to the fire raging nearby.

Beluga whale that strayed into River Seine dies during rescue operation

France — Link

The four-metre animal was euthanised by vets after it developed breathing difficulties while being transferred by road to the Normandy coast.

Wildfires rage in south-west France as new heatwave starts

France — Link

Fires have so far destroyed 16 houses, burnt 6,000 hectares and forced the evacuation of almost 6,000 people in an area of France already hit last month by huge blazes.

Stranded beluga whale moved out of River Seine

France — Link

Stranded for days in the French river, the whale will be returned to saltwater in the hope of saving its life.

French clampdown on 'rodeo riders' after girl is badly injured

France — Link

A 10-year-old girl and an 11-year-old boy were hit by a rider while playing outside their home in Pontoise, north-west of Paris.

French interior minister ups legal battle to expel imam

France — Link

French interior minister Gérald Darmanin, whose move to expel imam Hassan Iquioussen, who he accuses of anti-Semitism, opposing gender equality and acting as an apologist for terrorism, was thwarted by a Paris administrative court, has now taken the case before the Council of State, France’s highest administrative court.

Rescue hopes fading for beluga whale stuck in River Seine

France — Link

Rescuers agttempting to save an undernourished beluga whale which swam up the River Seine towards Paris before being blocked between two locks say they have little hope for its survival after the cetacean, apparently ill, continued to refuse food.

Drought in France leaves municipalities short of drinking water

France — Link

Successive heatwaves and months of exceptionally little rainfall in France have led to more than one hundred municipalities running out of drinking water, while the drought threatens to significantly reduce crop yields.

French interior minister forced to shelve tough immigration bill

France — Link

Gérald Darmanin, France's ambitious hardline interior minister, has been forced into a retreat by President Emmanuel Macron's centre-right government over his plans to propose draft legislation for a cracking down on illegal immigration and beefing up procedures for the expulsion of foreign nationals found guilty of criminal acts.  

French government creates post of LGBTQ rights 'ambassador'

France — Link

Exactly 40 years after France repealed the offence of homosexuality, introduced by the wartime collaborationist Vichy regime, Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne on Thursday announced the creation of an official post of ambassador for LGBTQ rights.

Mystery and concern as beluga whale swims up Seine towards Paris

France — Link

Officials are puzzled as to why an apparently underwheight beluga whale, a species normally found in cold Arctic waters, is swimming up the River Seine towards the French capital, while environmentalists ponder on how to guide the cetacean back out to sea.

Paris 2024 Summer Olympics: victory for tropical wood lobby


In 2024, Paris will host the Summer Olympics, and the organisers have pledged the games will be “climate positive” because more carbon emissions will be offset than created, while the “environmental excellence” criteria banned the use of tropical timber in the building of the athletes’ village. But, as Jade Lindgaard reports, the tropical timber industry has, after an intensive campaign, now claimed victory.

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Covid : notre série d’été fait débat

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Le premier article de notre série d’été « Cinq leçons à tirer de la pandémie » a suscité un riche et vif débat parmi nos lecteurs et sur les réseaux sociaux. Nous apportons ici quelques précisions et réponses.

En juillet et en août, on se repose et on boit frais en lisant nos séries d’été

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Pour s’évader au calme, au bord de l’eau ou à l’heure d’une sieste à l’ombre, Mediapart vous propose tout l’été un grand bol d’air frais pour rester conscientisé à l’heure de l’apéro. On y décryptera la Russie, on dépliera la crise climatique, on déploiera l’histoire politique, celle du Parti des travailleurs brésilien ou des idées de gauche oubliées, mais aussi celle des films de zombies.

Dimanche 19 juin, 19h30 : le second tour des législatives en direct sur Mediapart

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Majorité absolue ou pas pour Emmanuel Macron ? Quels rapports de force à l’Assemblée nationale ? Quel nouveau paysage politique ? Dimanche 19 juin, Mediapart fait sa soirée électorale pour le second tour des élections législatives.

Dimanche 12 juin, 19h30 : le 1er tour des législatives en direct sur Mediapart

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Quelle dynamique pour la gauche unie ? Emmanuel Macron est-il sur la voie d'une majorité absolue à l'Assemblée nationale ? L'extrême droite aura-t-elle de nombreux députés ? Dès 19h30, dimanche 12 juin, Mediapart se mobilise pour le premier tour des élections législatives.