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  • Update: eleven dead in fire at NE France holiday gite

    France — Link

    The bodies of 11 people, who were part of a holidaying group of adults with learning difficulties, have now been recovered from the remains of a large rural gite in Alsace, north-east France, which was gutted by fire early on Wednesday morning.

  • Marseille police officers in custody over man's death during riots

    France — Link

    Five police officers were taken into custody on Tuesday for questioning over the death of a young man in Marseille who, it is suspected, died from a heart attack after being hit by a police rubber bullet during rioting in the southern port city on July 1st.

  • French prisons population hits all-time high

    France — Link

    There were 74,513 people incarcerated in France on July 1st, according to justice ministry figures, while the official prison capacity is 60,666.

  • German man suspected of keeping wife captive in France released

    Fil d'actualités — Link

    A 55-year-old German national, who was arrested on Monday after his wife accused him of keeping her prisoner in their home in the French town of Forbach since 2011, has been released after police found no evidence to support the claim.

  • France's Sunday paper returns with far-right editor in charge

    France — Link

    The French weekly Journal du Dimanche (JDD) was back in production at the weekend following the arrival of far-right sympathiser Geoffroy Lejeune as its editor-in-chief and the end of a 40-day strike by its editorial staff opposed to his his appointment, many of whom have now left the paper.

  • River Seine swimming event scrapped after sewage spill

    France — Link

    An international swimming competition to be held in the River Seine in Paris this weekend was cancelled after recent heavy rainfall caused a spill of raw sewage into the water, raising questions over the swimming events in the river planned as part of next summer's Olympic Games in the French capital.

  • Niger coup leaders sever military ties with France

    International — Link

    The leaders of a military coup who took power in Niger in late July have announced they are cutting military ties with France, which has around 1,500 troops stationed in its former West African colony fighting jihadist insurgents in the region, while the junta also dismissed the Nigerien ambassador to France. 

  • Delivery of massive cruise ship gives French exports a boost

    France — Link

    The delivery to a Swiss maritime company in June of a 184,011-tonne, luxury cruise liner built at the French port of Saint-Nazaire, at a cost of 1 billion euros, has helped turn around France's second-quarter exports, up by 2.6% in value against the first quarter.   

  • Staff at French weekly end strike over far-right editor

    France — Link

    The strike of journalists at French weekly Journal du Dimanche (JDD), which began on June 22nd in protest at the appointment of outspoken far-right journalist and pundit Geoffroy Lejeune, 34, as new editor-in-chief of the publication, ended on Monday.

  • France to begin evacuating its nationals from Niger

    International — Link

    As tensions mount in Niger, where supporters of last week's coup attacked the French embassy on Sunday, Paris is hoping to begin flights to evacuate its nationals, and those of other European Union countries, on Tuesday.

  • Niger junta says France is planning military intervention

    International — Link

    France has firmly denied accusations by the leaders of last week's military coup in Niger that it is planning military intervention to reinstate the West African country's deposed president Mohamed Bazoum.

  • Attacks on its interests in Niger 'won't be tolerated' says Paris

    International — Link

    "Anyone attacking French nationals, the army, diplomats or French bases would see France retaliate immediately and intractably," the Elysée Palace warned in a statement.

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  • Pour Julian Assange : un appel lancé par Mediapart

    Blog post

    Mediapart a pris l’initiative d’un appel pour Julian Assange, sous la forme d’une adresse au président des États-Unis d’Amérique, Joe Biden. Trois autres médias européens l’ont déjà rejoint : Der Spiegel (Allemagne), Il Fatto Quotidiano (Italie) et InfoLibre (Espagne).

  • For Julian Assange: an appeal launched by Mediapart

    Blog post

    Mediapart has launched an appeal for Julian Assange, in the form of an address to the President of the United States of America, Joe Biden. It has already been joined by three other European media: Der Spiegel (Germany), Il Fatto Quotidiano (Italy) and InfoLibre (Spain).

  • Passer à la VIe République : le mode d’emploi

    Blog post

    Jeudi 28 septembre, Mediapart et la C6R s’associent pour réfléchir à la manière de sortir d’une Ve République à bout de souffle. Des constitutionnalistes et des parlementaires de la Nupes, réunis à la Maison de l’Amérique latine, plancheront sur la méthode concrète pour y parvenir.

  • Face au G20 de New Delhi, un M20 en défense de la liberté d’informer

    Blog post

    Partenaire indien de Mediapart, « The Wire » a organisé un M20 pour la liberté d’informer à l’occasion du G20 des 9-10 septembre à New Delhi. Siddharth Varadarajan, son coordinateur, a émis le souhait que l’initiative soit réitérée l’an prochain au Brésil qui assurera en 2024 la présidence tournante du G20. Nous publions son intervention.

  • Entre siestes et farniente, restez éveillé·e grâce à nos séries d’été

    Blog post

    Pour s’évader au calme, au bord de l’eau ou lors de la pause de la rando, Mediapart vous propose tout l’été un grand bol d’air frais pour rester conscientisé à l’heure de l’apéro. Illustrations concrètes de la bataille climatique, remises en question historiques, bouleversements féministes, enquêtes littéraires, mais aussi un film fantastique culte, un cartel de la drogue et sa succession, ou encore un club de foot populaire néolibéralisé…