Head of French speeding ticket agency gets his own fines paid by the state

By Stéphanie Fontaine

Jean-Jacques Debacq, the man in charge of collecting speeding fines in France, frequently makes tough public statements about the need to crack down on motorists who break the rules on French roads. But Mediapart can reveal that Debacq has got his own agency to pay for speeding and parking offences relating to his own civil service car. Moreover, the senior public official has escaped penalty points on his driving licence by claiming that the speeding driver of that vehicle 'had not been identified'. The ministry of the interior says they are investigating the allegations. Stéphanie Fontaine reports.

(Debacq resigned from his post following the publication of this article - see update at bottom of article page)


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The head of France's agency dedicated to collecting motorists' speeding fines has avoided paying for his own tickets by getting the state organisation itself to pay them, Mediapart can reveal. Jean-Jacques Debacq, who has the rank of prefect and who is director of the Agence nationale de traitement automatisé des infractions (Antai), has also avoided collecting any penalty points on his driving licence for speeding offences committed when driving his civil service car, by claiming that the driver “had not been identified”. This is despite the fact that these contraventions took place on Sundays or in the evening when the only other person who drives his publicly-owned Peugeot 508 – his chauffeur – does not work.