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Former UEFA boss Michel Platini faces 'fraud' claims over 1.8m euro payment

Mediapart has learnt that the prosecution authorities in Switzerland are investigating the former French football star and ex-head of European football body UEFA Michel Platini for alleged fraud over a 1.8 million euro payment he received in 2011. That payment was made by Sepp Blatter, then head of world football's governing body FIFA, who also faces a similar probe. Yann Philippin reports.

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Michel Platini's legal headaches appear to keep piling up in Switzerland. Mediapart understands that the Swiss prosecution authorities are pursuing the former French football star and ex-president of European football's ruling body UEFA for alleged “fraud” over a 2 million Swiss Franc (1.8 million euros) payment he received in 2011. Platini is already facing allegations from the Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland (OAG) of “dishonest accounting”, of “falsifying a document” and of a possible “breach of confidence” over the payment which he received from Sepp Blatter, who was then president of world football's governing body FIFA.

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