‘Pigeon’ entrepreneurs take Hollande French tax protest to web


Owners of startups form a group dubbed “Les Pigeons” - French slang for "suckers" - claiming they are the fall guys for France’s economic woes.

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Using the bird’s place in French slang as the “sucker,” owners of startups have formed a group dubbed “Les Pigeons” to show that President Francois Hollande’s new taxes make them the fall guys for France’s economic woes. They are protesting the almost doubling of the tax rate on capital gains generated from selling a business in Hollande’s budget for 2013.

The group has gathered more than 26,000 supporters in five days on Facebook Inc.’s social network and spurred more than 2,800 messages on Twitter, with the founders of Iliad SA, Vente- Privee and Meetic SA (MEET) throwing in their voices of support, reports Bloomberg.