The strange affair of the last bride of Wildenstein

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No reaction from the ministry

Dumont-Beghi has accumulated wide-ranging evidence to back up the suspicion of tax fraud, including an original document (see below) that lists vast riches lodged in a Cayman Island trust, the DeltaTrust, that were left out of the initial inheritance. The catalogue demonstrates the dizzying heights of Wildenstein’s hidden art collection, and includes works by Bonnard, Courbet, Fragonard, and Picasso.


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Dumont-Beghi presented the case for the presumption of fraud – carried out to the detriment of both her client and the French state - in a series of letters to then-budget minister Woerth over the period from June 12th - September 7th, 2009. A new letter (see below) containing similar allegations was then forwarded to current budget minister François Baroin last July. Neither Woerth nor Baroin took any action, despite the detailed and explicit charges in Dumont-Beghi’s correspondence.

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