How Calais migrant crisis has worsened since Macron's visit

By Elisa Perrigueur

A recent battle between groups of migrants in Calais left 21 people injured, including five with gunshot wounds. Four were left in a critical condition. Local voluntary groups on the ground say that the situation in the Channel port town has got worse in recent weeks, notably after a visit by President Emmanuel Macron and because of a policy of not allowing any new migrant camps to spring up. Elisa Perrigueur reports from Calais.

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The icy wind is lashing their worried faces. It is Friday, February 2nd and three migrants, Abebe from Ethiopia, Jo from Somalia and Eupui from Cameroon, are in the Dunes industrial estate in Calais, declaring how they had never before seen scenes of “such violence” during their long months in the French port. The previous day, at around 5.30pm, on a muddy stretch of land surrounded by smoking factories, these migrants had watched as dozens of silhouetted, clearly angry figures suddenly emerged.