The evidence of how Nicolas Sarkozy served Gaddafi regime's interests

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Nicolas Sarkozy, who has been placed under formal investigation for corruption over Libyan funding of his election campaign, has denied claims that he took money as part of a corrupt arrangement with Muammar Gaddafi's regime. He has also sought to rubbish accusations that as part of a corrupt pact he helped further the cause of Libya and some of its key figures. But here Fabrice Arfi and Karl Laske detail the evidence showing that the former head of state did indeed serve the interests of Gaddafi's dictatorial regime.

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Behind all corruption pacts there is a secret coming together of converging interests. The person who gives expects something in return from the person who receives. In the Libyan funding corruption scandal this has become a central issue in the formal investigation former French president Nicolas Sarkozy is facing for “passive corruption” - he is also been investigated for “illicit funding of an electoral campaign”and “receiving and embezzling public funds” from Libya.As has been evident from the investigation, it is clear what Sarkozy's interests and those of his allies implicated in the affair would have been. The hidden funding from Libya is said to have helped finance Sarkozy's successful 2007 presidential campaign and also, in the case of Sarkozy's former campaign director Claude Guéant, been used for personal benefit. Guéant, who became President Sarkozy's chief of staff and then his interior minister, is said to have bought a flat in Paris with money from Libya. Both men strongly deny any wrongdoing.