Chinese tourists in France face outbreak of racism over coronavirus


The beautiful châteaux of the Loire Valley in western France are a major attraction for visitors from China. But both individual Chinese tourists and those in groups are starting to suffer as a result of the fears provoked by the current coronavirus outbreak which began in mainland China. Jordan Pouille reports.

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At the Château de Chambord, the largest castle in the Loire Valley in west central France, a receptionist revealed to Mediapart the current atmosphere prevailing in one of the country's top tourist regions as the impact of the coronavirus outbreak in China spreads to the rest of the world. Working at a ticket stand next to a shelf full of the Chinese-made tablets used for tourists that are known as 'Histopads', she said: “To give you some idea of the mood, this morning I received a call from a guide for American tourists. She asked me what time there was a risk of coming across Chinese people, in order to avoid them.”