The Tariq Ramadan sexual abuse affair: crusade of the imbeciles


In recent days Mediapart has been burnt at the metaphorical stake for having supposed “complicity” with the Muslim intellectual and Oxford University professor Tariq Ramadan. Worst still, it has been hinted that this site may have deliberately ignored the actions of a man who today stands accused of rape and sexual assault, claims he denies. This ignominious Donald Trump-style campaign, led by former prime minister Manuel Valls, is part of a wider political movement which brings together elements of the Left who were destroyed at recent elections and the nationalist Right. Mediapart's editor François Bonnet responds to the claims.

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Edgar Morin is one of the greatest living French intellectuals but could he be the accomplice of a sexual criminal? For in 2014 and early October 2017 he published two books of conversations with the Muslim intellectual and Oxford University professor Tariq Ramadan, who has since been accused of rape and sexual assault. Isn't the inanity and abject nature of such a conclusion obvious? Yet that is exactly the claim that Mediapart, its publishing editor Edwy Plenel, other media (including Les Inrockuptibles and Bondy Blog), journalists such as Frédéric Taddéi and intellectuals such as Pascal Boniface have had to endure for several days.