Fighting an overblown presidency


Emmanuel Macron said it himself: he did not want a “normal presidency”. Nor has it been so: since his election in 2017, the number of serious social conflicts has shown the dangers of the exercise of power when there are no limits, argues Mediapart co-founder François Bonnet. The planned public protests on Saturday January 11th against the presidency's pension reform plans could be a turning point, he says.

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It has been a failure. After the thirty-sixth day of protect actions against the government's pension reform plans, the longest industrial conflict for more than 30 years, the government has lost three important gambles. The hundreds of thousands of people who demonstrated across the country on Thursday January 9th showed that in spectacular fashion. The level of support for the strike among workers at the rail company SNCF (66.6% for drivers, 57.6% for conductors), at the Paris regional transport body the RATP and in the education system remains as high as it was in December. The protest marches in the regions and in Paris were as big as they were before.