Bettencourt butler bites back: 'I saw L'Oréal family destroyed'

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It would be interesting to have the point of view of UK or US journalists working in papers such as "The Times" or "New York Times" on Mediapart articles, the way they are written, the separation of facts and commentaries, the mention of various opinions and stances and so on.
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Yes, I had read it, it writes on the effects of Mediapart campaigns and on the problems of French press, but nothing is said about the way the articles are written. This is where opinions from foreign journalists could be interesting, to my point of view


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Just for fun, could we say "The butler bites his hat?"?
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The Bettencourt affair is not simply a family feud that pitches France's richest woman against her daughter. Ever since Mediapart's initial revelations of the scandal, it became an affair that engulfed labour minister, and ex-budget minister, Eric Woerth. It carries serious questions about the role of French President Nicolas Sarkozy, and has thus become an affair of state.

Mediapart has now compiled its extensive reports about the affair into one explanatory and detailed book, L'Affaire Bettencourt, un scandale d'Etat, ('The Bettencourt affair, a scandal of state'), currently available only in French, and published on October 7th, 2010 by Don Quichotte.