Mediapart becomes new media partner for WikiLeaks

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The second stage that Assange is now preparing is expected to be that of a deeper treatment of the cables, making them more intelligible and instructive, situating them in their geo-political context and allowing them to become the starting point for relevant investigations.

It is in this context that Mediapart has now become a new French partner of WikiLeaks.

The free and honest flow of information is at the heart of this partnership agreement, one that respects the independence of both Mediapart and WikiLeaks. All of which is a reflection of the new alliance forged by the digital revolution between professionals and amateurs, journalists and activists, news professionals and citizen whistleblowers.

Once our editorial team has been able to carry out the necessary research of the material obtained by WikiLeaks, Mediapart readers will soon be able to discover information of public concern emanating from the US diplomatic cables.

In our video interview conducted in English with Julian Assange, presented here with French subtitles, he talks of WikiLeaks and its situation now, the events in Egypt and Tunisia, his personal situation and his turbulent relationship with the traditional print press.

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