President Hollande's bold bid to clean up French politics


President François Hollande has announced tough new measures to help 'clean up' public life in France following the Cahuzac affair. There will be a new body to oversee politicians' financial assets, more staff to tackle tax fraud and a promised war on international tax havens. However, as Lénaïg Bredoux reports, the proposals have been met not just with predictable disapproval from the opposition, but with dismay from some sections of his own Socialist Party too.

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It took the Cahuzac affair for François Hollande to rediscover the rhetoric of his election campaign, and notably his rousing speech at Le Bourget in the north-east outskirts of Paris more than a year ago. Following Wednesday's Cabinet meeting the President of the Republic once more faced the cameras – though this time at a press conference – to announce a package of measures on financial transparency in public life and the fight against tax fraud. He vowed to be “implacable” in seeing them through.