The Hollande presidency – why it isn't working

One year on, and the Hollande presidency is widely regarded as having almost completely failed. Right through the corridors of power the same question is being asked: why isn't it working? In a bid to find the answer, Mediapart provides a guided tour of each of the separate institutions that makes up the socialist administration which took office on 15th May 2012. Lénaïg Bredoux and Mathieu Magnaudeix report.

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Last Monday, 6th May, was the first anniversary of François Hollande's election victory but they were not getting out the candles at the Elysée Palace. The Fifth Republic's second socialist president instead held a scheduled seminar with government ministers. Hollande urged them to “make good use of their time” while waiting for the structural “reforms” the government has carried out to “profoundly change the face of France”. The president told them: “It's down to the government to make good use of this time. Now is not the time to rein in but on the contrary to accelerate. It's not simply the time to defend our performance but to go on the offensive. A year is a short time, but four years [editor's note, the remainder of the president's five-year term of office] isn't long.”