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Dans n'importe quelle entreprise, l'alcoolisme est un motif grave de licenciement.
The practices which were afforded by the law of 1967 were institutionnalized by the left, with Beregovoy as Ministre de l'Economie et des Finances and Badinter as Minister of Justice. The law of 1985 left corporations at the mercy of the banks (recently nationalized) which would abruptly cut the credits to make them insolvent. Favoured clients of the banks would make a bid to purchase the companies, using the assets of the companies ( and in particular their receivable) to effrectively pay the purchase price, their bid would get preferential treatment from the commercial courts (where the judges are non professional judges), and as the bidders were friends not only of the nationalized banks, but (logically) of the politicians at the helm of the governement, they would get backing from the prosecutors (who in commercial courts, in the dirigist french tradition intervene, with the additional twist provided by the law of 1985 that they are the only one who can appeal the judgment deciding on the purchase of the company, which allows perfect illegality).

Formellement = formally

Auparavant = formerly


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Some information in this article first appeared in a book by the author, Martine Orange, titled L'Histoire secrète du patronat (The secret history of business leaders), published by La Découverte in 2009.