French budget minister's tape recording about Swiss bank account genuine, say investigators


The position of Budget Minister Jérôme Cahuzac in President Hollande's government looks increasingly under pressure after a preliminary formal investigation has revealed that a key element in the allegations surrounding his undisclosed Swiss bank account has been authenticated. Technicians and witnesses have confirmed that a tape recording in which Cahuzac is heard discussing his bank account at UBS in Geneva is genuine, and that the voice indeed belongs to the socialist politician. Cahuzac has always denied having the account. Investigators now believe the affair should be handed over to an independent examining magistrate. Fabrice Arfi reports.

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A preliminary investigation into alleged 'laundering of the proceeds of tax fraud' in the case of France's Budget Minister Jérôme Cahuzac has found that a tape recording in which he discusses his undisclosed bank account in Geneva is genuine. Both expert analysis and the evidence of witnesses prove the authenticity of the recording, which was made accidentally and without Cahuzac's knowledge.