Scandal of the 'low cost' European workers in France


From Portuguese builders to Romanian welders, the number of European workers who are brought in on 'temporary assignment' to French building sites is increasing all the time. In theory all these foreign staff should benefit from the same wages and social rights as their French counterparts. But the grim reality is that unscrupulous employers in France's construction industry and other sectors are getting around the law to pay the workers pitifully low wages and deprive them of their social rights. Rachida El Azzouzi met some of the union officials trying to fight against this growing form of exploitation.

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Laurent Dias does not have a business card, just bits of paper on which he can scribble his contact details. His message: "Here’s my number. Call me if you want us to look at your pay slip together. You have rights and you should be paid the same as a French worker according to the rate for your qualifications."