Sarkocracy, or the perks and privileges of an ‘irreproachable' administration

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"The process began immediately after his election, when he entertained more than 50 of his wealthiest friends, mostly leading businessmen and celebrities, for a lavish dinner at Le Fouquet's, an exclusive restaurant-hotel on the Champs-Elysées."

Actually, the outset of his 'process' began ages ago...

There was a striking scene (among others before...) where I remember seeing a picture of him and all of his celebrity 'friends', including one singer (earning lot of bucks thanks to many French people buying his stuff) wanna be Belgian or Swiss...

I never knew (and still do not know..) what kind of "glasses" "journalists" (especially French ones) were wearing or if they were totally stoned...for not seeing and acknowledging that. They were encountering him (if not knew/know him personally... we're in France after all..) for not possibly being aware about that and other stuff..

Still it is, nothing was preventing them from doing their job - even now.

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This compilation of events highlighting the clannish excesses of the Sarkozy administrtauion is partly sourced from a book of reports on the subject edited by Mediapart - N'oubliez pas! Faits & gestes de la présidence Sarkozy ('Don't forget - the facts and acts of Sarkozy's presidency') - and published in France in January 2010 by Don Quichotte, currently available in French only.