Macron's democratic slap in the face


Having been repudiated at the ballot box in the second round of France's legislative elections on Sunday, Presidential Emmanuel Macron is now faced with an unprecedented political and institutional crisis. Without a working majority in the National Assembly, there looks to be no obvious solutions for him at the start of his second term, unless there is a major but improbable realignment of political groups. Analysis by political correspondent Ilyes Ramdani.

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A political crisis has begun and Emmanuel Macron's second term of office is already facing gridlock. The sky fell in on the presidential camp on Sunday when the final results of the legislative elections dropped. Ensemble, the coalition of those backing the head of state, has won 245 of the 577 seats in the new National Assembly in the French Parliament. This is far – very far – from the large outright majority that French voters had given him in 2017 and which he had urged voters to give him for the next five years too.