How ‘Islamophobia’ row erupted at French political sciences school


A national controversy blew up in France earlier this month over a ‘naming and shaming’ campaign by students at a political sciences school who accused two of their teachers of Islamophobia, prompting police protection for the pair. While there has been widespread political and media condemnation of the students’ campaign, this investigation by Mediapart found that the case is far more complex than so far presented, and that the controversy was fanned by the timidity of the school's management to intervene in a simmering dispute within its walls. David Perrotin reports.

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The Institut d’études politiques (IEP) in Grenoble, south-east France, one of the ten French public political sciences schools more commonly known as Sciences Po, became the centre of a national controversy earlier this month after students publicly denounced and named two of their lecturers who they accuse of Islamophobia.