Revealed: how French secret services 'lost track' of one of the Bataclan bombers

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French secret services lost track of one of the Bataclan concert hall suicide bombers more than a year before the Paris attacks, according to an investigation by Mediapart. The intelligence services knew as far back as 2009 that Ismaël Omar Mostefaï, one of the three attackers who left 89 people dead in the music venue attack on Friday November 13th, had been been radicalised in a group in France led by a veteran jihadist called Abdelilah Ziyad, who has a history of planning terrorist attacks. Mostefaï himself was spotted with the group while it was under surveillance in April 2014, and the authorities were informed by Ankara in November 2014 that he had visited Turkey a year earlier, meaning he had very probably travelled to Syria.