WikiLeaks documents on US snooping on France – what the presidents said

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  • Nicolas Sarkozy, June 10th, 2011: “secret” initiative on the Middle East

One June 7th, 2011, Nicolas Sarkozy telephoned Alain Juppé, his foreign minister. The president makes clear his determination to “go forward with an initiative to restart direct Mideast peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians”. The NSA report reveals that the Americans now know all about the French strategy. “Finally, the president was giving thought to appealing to Russian president Dmitriy (sic) Medvedev for a possible joint initiative without the United States or, as another option, issuing an ultimatum to the U.S. President regarding Palestinian statehood,” it reports.

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  • Jacques Chirac, December 28th, 2006

Jacques Chirac was by now towards the end of his time in office, with just a few months left before his departure from the Elysée. His relations with the United States are tense. In the eyes of Washington he is the man who opposed the second war in Iraq in 2003. On December 23rd, 2006, the head of state discussed nominations to the United Nations with his foreign minister Philippe Douste-Blazy. The American intelligence service picks up on Chirac's lack of regard for his subordinate. “Chirac's detailed orders may be in response to the foreign minister's propensity, amply demonstrated in the past and the impetus behind a number of presidential reprimands, for making ill-times or inaccurate remarks,” says the NSA report in a commentary on the eavesdropped conversation.

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  • The French version of this report can be found here.

English version by Michael Streeter

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