Who murdered the beheaded French monks of Tibhirine?

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Serait-il possible de recevoir cet article en "bon français", la traduction est vraiment médiocre.



Bonjour Monique,

Merci pour votre commentaire et voici une réponse claire:

Vous demandez où se trouve l'article "en bon français", tout en estimant que la traduction "est vraiment médiocre". Si vous n'avez pas lu l'article original, il est difficile de savoir comment vous pouvez juger la qualité de la traduction - qui d'ailleurs n'est certainement pas "médiocre".

Il semblera donc que vous mettez en cause la qualité de l'article, et non pas "la traduction". Vous aurez certainement remarqué que dans cet article de quatre pages, trois sont largement occupées de citations du général François Buchwalter.

Pour votre information, voici le lien vers l'article d'origine:


Bonne lecture,

Mediapart English team.

Heads up! the subject of the french movie "mens and gods" isn't to look for the truth about murders; to know whether or not, some or others are responsible... The subject is spiritual life of men living in that place, such a tragical situation, on the way to take their own decision: whether to stay or to leave which is fair in front of God. This is the subject of the film.That's all and makes it a great film!

Hi Marie,

Thanks for your message. We said that the 'tragedy is the subject of the film Des hommes et des dieux', and I think that is a fair description; this is made quite clear on the official page for the film (I've included a link below). Of course, it is about all that you describe - set in the context of the terrible events that took place - and I'm sure few would disagree with your conclusion that the deep issues it centres upon make it a very powerful and moving film. However, this article is not about the film, although we chose to give it a prominent mention because of its huge success.

Link to the film's official page (in English):


best regards

Graham (Mediapart English team).


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