Buren courts more controversy with monumental Paris show


Celebrated French conceptual artist Daniel Buren has created a gigantic, ambitious work for the Grand Palais in Paris as part of its Monumenta series of projects that began in 2007. The sheer scale of the show, running until June 21st, is awe-inspiring. It occupies a surface of 13,500 square metres,a volume of 500,000 cubic metres and rises 45 metres above the ground. Mediapart’s Hugo Vitrani casts a critical eye over Buren's latest oeuvre, and reviews the 74 year-old artist’s long and often controversial career.

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The sprawling Grand Palais exhibition centre in the heart of Paris has offered its huge hall for a major project by celebrated French conceptual artist Daniel Buren, who for almost five decades has created striking in situ works re-defining architectural spaces across Europe and North America.