The surprises in store for happy Hollande


While many of his opponents and rivals have begun losing ground, frought by party infighting, the horizon towards a re-election as French president in 2017 is now clearing for François Hollande. In a remarkable turnaround from the calamitous situation just 12 months ago, a drubbing for the long-unpopular president is no longer certain, and a new term in office has become plausible, even a certainty for some of his entourage. But, Mediapart editor François Bonnet argues here, that is to underestimate the political boomerang that represents the profound social crisis in France that marks his presidency, and the unprecedented and developing European crises he has failed to address.

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When François Hollande, from the lofty heights of his forteress that is the Elysée Palace, gazes out onto the horizon he must feel a good reason to smile. What a grand summer this has been, and what a promising return back to to business now.