Why Latin American migrants have been sleeping rough in a Paris suburb


Around 150 migrants from Latin America – Colombia, Cuba, Peru, Bolivia and the Dominican Republic – are living in a makeshift street camp in a Paris suburb having recently been evicted from a disused warehouse in which they were squatting. Some came to France for a better life for their family, others for political reasons. But as Irene Casado reports, all the migrants, who include children and pregnant women, face an uncertain future faced with the indifference of the local mayor and the lack of suitable housing.

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“Can someone help me catch Raphaël? … The children have realised he's ill and they want to treat his wing,” sighs a young volunteer searching between the tents. The Raphaël in question is a pigeon in poor health who has become the mascot of the young children living in this improvised camp in Saint-Ouen, a northern suburb of Paris.