The senior French civil servants who helped with Le Pen's election campaign

By and David Dufresne

French far-right Front National party leader Marine Le Pen was once tipped as the likely winner of last year’s presidential elections, sending shockwaves across Europe, before she finally lost to Emmanuel Macron. In the build-up of her campaign, and little known to the wider public, her policy programme was developed with the help of senior French civil servants, dubbed by her party as “night-time visitors” and whose names were kept secret. But in this joint investigation, Mediapart and Buzzfeed have obtained access to documents which reveal the true identities of several of them. They are nearly all graduates of France’s elite higher education schools and include former members of France’s Council of State and the French national audit body, along with a prefect and advisor to the director-general of the French gendarmerie, and a director of a major French construction firm. Marine Turchi and David Dufresne report.   

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In a joint investigation, Mediapart and BuzzFeed have obtained documents, emails and photos which reveal how several senior French civil servants acted as discreet advisors to the 2017 presidential election campaign of far-right Front National party leader Marine Le Pen.