Did going back to work kill this French pensioner?


Despite his poor health Raymond, aged 75, felt obliged to find a job ten years after retiring because his pension was so small and he faced mounting debts. Yet he was given no medical test before he started delivering leaflets for distribution company Adrexo near Paris. Within days Raymond was dead after suffering a heart attack. His son has now taken the company to an industrial tribunal claiming it did not fulfil its legal obligations. Michaël Hajdenberg reports.

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In August 2011 Raymond D., 75, approached Adrexo, a company that delivers catalogues and advertising material looking, for a job. Raymond, who lived in the Paris region, had last worked as an intermittent worker in the entertainment industry some ten years previously. But he had found that his meagre pension of just 740 euros a month was no longer enough to live on and he was piling up debts.