French ski stations cut off by giant rockfall


Access to the ski stations of Ménuiruies and Val Thorens in the Alps was cut off for a period after the route was blocked by two boulders.

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Access to the ski stations of Ménuiruies and Val Thorens remained cut off on Saturday morning after the road leading from the town of Moûtiers was blocked by two boulders, one of them of about 50 tonnes, on Friday afternoon, reports RFI.

An alternative route for cars was opened on Saturday and the authorities hoped to clear the road for cars but not lorries or coaches by Saturday afternoon.

About 70km of traffic jams were reported on main roads heading for the Alps on Saturday.

Tragedy struck in the west of the country when the body of a woman in her 20s was found after being sucked into a snow-clearing machine that was clearing a road at 5.15am on Friday.

The dead woman was a seasonal employee in two restaurants in the ski station of Angles.

The cause of death is unclear, although Angles mayor Michel Poulade said it was unlikely that she had been killed by the machine, because it ‘makes a lot of noise”.

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