Macron's ruling LREM party faces criticism as it embraces era of 'kit form politics'


The governing party set up by President Emmanuel Macron, La République en Marche (LREM), is seeking to mobilise and enthuse its activists as important elections approach. As part of that process it has developed a range of tools and documents inspired by business and management culture in which everyone is called upon to run grassroots initiatives. But as Manuel Jardinaud reports, these 'kit form' methods are not to everyone's tastes.

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Its challenge is how to move from being a movement of fans to a party of activists. As it held its second party conference on October 21st, the ruling La République en Marche (LREM) faced the question of how to progress - to survive even - outside election campaigns. Even though the next major elections, for the European Parliament, take place in May 2019, the party still has to mobilise its registered members – they do not have to pay to join – if it wants to implant itself locally.“Basically we can now see that what happened in 2017, with the election of Macron, was that a narrative was constructed very quickly, one which rests a little bit on sand,” says political expert and academic Luc Rouban, author of Le Paradoxe du Macronisme, published by Les Presses de Sciences-Po. The party now needs to gather this sand together so that it does not all blow away.