Story behind ex-Renault boss Carlos Ghosn's decision to flee Japan for Lebanon


The former Renault chairman and CEO, Carlos Ghosn, has travelled to Lebanon having fled from Japan where he was on bail facing charges of alleged financial wrongdoing. Ghosn, who was also chairman of Renault's Japanese partner Nissan, and who has always claimed his innocence, immediately justified the extraordinary move by saying he no longer wanted to be “held hostage by a rigged Japanese justice system where guilt is presumed”. From the start of the affair Ghosn has claimed he is the victim of a plot, while largely avoiding details of the allegations against him. Mediapart's Matthieu Suc, author of a recent book on Renault, reports.

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Carlos Ghosn may deny that he is fleeing justice but there is no doubt that he has fled Japan. Until this week he was on bail in Japan facing four counts of financial wrongdoing, but late on December 30th 2019 the deposed motor industry boss announced in a statement that he had taken refuge in Lebanon.