Plight of Syrian migrants trying to reach Europe from Algeria


Since the start of the civil war in Syria in 2011 several thousand Syrians have taken refuge in Algeria. But in recent years a number of them have been trying to make the often perilous sea crossing from the Algerian coast to Europe. Some have been ripped off by unscrupulous traffickers; others have paid the ultimate price and perished at sea. Nejma Brahim reports from the Algerian port of Oran.

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His jet black hair and his luxuriant, well-groomed beard contrast with his pale skin. It is an early evening in March 2022 and Samer is sitting in a trendy café in the centre of Oran, recalling the past. The months and years have passed “too quickly”, he says; this 26-year-old from Syria has now lived in the Algerian port city for nearly four years.