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Macron's discreet support for climate-harming oil project in Uganda

He has not spoken about it publicly. But behind the scenes the French head of state Emmanuel Macron has written to the president of Uganda supporting the role of French oil firm Total in developing an oilfield and a  lengthy new oil pipeline in the East African country. In the capital Kampala, meanwhile, the French embassy has  been wholeheartedly lobbying for the French multinational. Yet the projects are opposed by environmental and human rights groups who say they are not just bad for the climate but will also displace thousands of local people from their land. Mediapart's environment correspondent Jade Lindgaard reports.

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Imagine 400 oil wells along the shores of one of the biggest lakes in Africa, Lake Albert. Imagine, too, that some of these wells are located in the largest and most beautiful natural park in Uganda, an area known for its dizzying waterfalls and its hippopotamuses.

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