Geneva launches legal battle to shut French nuclear plant


The Swiss canton, or state, of Geneva has launched legal action aimed at forcing the closure of the ageing, accident-prone French nuclear plant at Bugey, which lies just 70 kilometres from the border with Switzerland. The lawsuit is for “the deliberate endangering of lives” and “water pollution”. If successful, this extraordinary move could encourage other countries bordering France and its network of 58 nuclear reactors to take similar action. Agathe Duparc reports from Geneva where the local authorities presented their case at a press conference on Monday.

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At the Palais Eynard building, which houses the city of Geneva’s administrative council, the mood among the councillors on Monday was one of determined combat. The authorities of the canton (or state) of Geneva, and those of its capital city, had gathered for a press conference to present their legal action to force the closure of the French nuclear power plant in Bugey, situated just 70 kilometres south-west of the Swiss city.