Tiananmen protester warns of global threat from China's 'money-based' system


Wang Dan was one of the student leaders in the Tiananmen Square protests in Beijing in 1989 and was later jailed twice before going into exile. He recently visited Paris to give a series of lectures on the continuing impact of the movement and spoke to Mediapart about his involvement in the protests and his reading of the situation today in China and its role in the world. Gilles Taine reports.

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Wang Dan was born in 1969 and was just 20 years old when he became one of the main figures in the unprecedented protests in Tiananmen Square in 1989. After being arrested and twice imprisoned he was eventually banned from mainland China and has lived in the United States and recently taught in Taiwan. In June he came to Paris to give a series of talks and met up with Mediapart. He talked about the Tiananmen movement, how it is viewed today in China, and spoke about the current situation in the country and its relation with the world.