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Donald Trump's victory, a 'political 9/11'

Donald Trump’s victory in the US presidential elections largely caught political experts, commentators, opinion poll agencies and the media by surprise. But, argues Mediapart editor François Bonnet in this op-ed article, Trump’s accession to the White House is a "political 9/11" and the most spectacular manifestation of a worldwide cycle that has seen the inexorable rise of strongman leaders, warmongering, nationalism and xenophobia, together with the arrival of extremists at the heart of the ideological landscape.

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A political 9/11. It might appear obscene to compare Donald Trump’s accession to the White House, the result of a democratic process, with the terrorist attacks against New York and Washington which, on September 11th 2001, led the 21st Century into an era of world terrorism and regional wars. Yet these two events are truly linked.

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