French soldiers deployed in Romania on NATO mission are 'cold' and 'hungry'


On November 3rd France's armed forces minister Sébastien Lecornu visited French troops who have been deployed in Romania as part of a NATO mission. However, despite the upbeat photo opportunities, some of the soldiers stationed there complain of logistical failings, a lack of food and poor living conditions. Justine Brabant reports.

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It was a rapid and meticulously-choreographed visit. On Thursday November 3rd France's minister for the armed forces, Sébastien Lecornu, went to the military camp at Cincu in central Romania where French soldiers have been deployed since February as part of a NATO mission. He arrived to military salutes and formally inaugurated various bits of infrastructure, while most soldiers were asked to stay discreetly out of sight, apart from a few hand-picked troops. Nothing was allowed to tarnish the image of a minister being out and about on the front line.