Weinstein accusers speak out in support of Besson complainants

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Update December 20th: the comments cited in this report from the US Screen Actors Guild, SAG-AFTRA, were received and added after initial publication of this article.


In preparing this report, Mediapart interviewed people and associations connected to the cinema industry in France and the United States, leading with two principal questions. One was to ask for their opinion of the accusations levelled against Luc Besson, and the other was about their views  of the French filmmakers habit of meeting actresses, including minors, in hotel rooms.

As mentioned in the report, Luc Besson has consistently refused to grant an interview to Mediapart, or to answer questions submitted to him. However, speaking through his lawyer, he “categorically denies any inappropriate and reprehensible behaviour of any kind”.

The investigation is ongoing, during which, before reaching a conclusion, Luc Besson is of course legally afforded the presumption of innocence.