French political scene plunged into turmoil after Strauss-Kahn sex charge arrest

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Frankly and genuinely, it is essentially French media this case has plunged into a turmoil.* Only into their heads and "surveys", DSK was important or existing on either the French political scene or international scene. I really doubt, before this story and beyond some very tiny circles, that DSK matters for French people ; or were even known by American people (citizens).

I was totally appalled by the way they talked about and presented the case yesterday on iTele live coverage or elsewhere into the French media.

Before my eyes, Laurence Haïm and an other French/US jurisprudence specialist were the only professionals. For instance, at some point, Mrs. Haïm asked the cameraman to make a zoom of the building’s entry, after explaining the differences between the 2 legal systems.

There were no sympathy, no respect for the chambermaid/other women and neither any regard for the US legal system - despite DSK is facing the US court.

Most of people on iTele, were thinking only by the French’s "habits"... and French legal system... when it suits them or justifies DSK’s alleged actions here and other ones.

According to them, including to the French "journalists", DSK was the ‘victim’ and being framed or whatever. A man ‘loving life... women...’ despite he’s got a wife (!) and they have no knowledge of all materials of the file.

I feel sorry for Anne Sinclair. However, I didn’t neither believe a word of her statement.

I’ve seen someone called Mrs.Sabban criticising Mr.Ayrault’s statement whilst she was talking about the need of "unity of French socialist". Well, I am proud of the deputy Ayrault. He is among the very, very few PS figures, I trust and makes me still someway being a "PS sympathiser".

*By the way, I didn’t like Martine Aubry’s full statement. She talked about French people and that the PS is there by their side (‘working and serving them’). Yeah, right! I have not seen that the last past few years (especially recently). I do not even recall that the PS were even present on the French political scene. I got the impression that they are/were, at first, working for their interests and at DSK’s side. First things first: them and their personal interests. Definitely, not there for French people’s interests, nor the ones of a regular (common) Joey.

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