Ilhan Omar, the black Muslim Congresswoman who has become a focus of US divisions


US Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, elected to the House of Representatives last November, has since become a focal target for President Donald Trump and many among of the American Right. Arriving in the country as a child with her refugee family from Somalia, obtaining US nationality at the age of 17, she has engaged a political career as an outspoken, hijab-wearing Muslim politician who espouses radical-left policies. She also denounces American support of the Israeli government, and her controversial comments on that subject and the place of Muslims in US society have prompted death threats and accusations of anti-Semitism. Just what does Ilham Omar really represent, and what is behind the virulent campaign by Trump and his allies over recent months to make her a political pariah? Mediapart’s US correspondent Mathieu Magnaudeix reports.      


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There were chants of “we love you” as women black rights activists and several members of Congress held a rally at the foot of the Capitol Building in Washington, DC on April 30th, gathering there in support of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar.