Thomas Frank on why 'the problem with the US is plutocracy'

By Thomas Haley

“We have this tiny percentage of the population that collects all the gains of the economy, and these people now have enormous power over our politics as well,” says Thomas Frank, the acclaimed US political commentator and essayist in a video interview with Mediapart in which he sketches the state of American society today, charts a shift to political and economic extremes, argues how Barak Obama missed his golden chance and points to where the Republicans are taking America.

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Thomas Frank is an American historian, political commentator and essayist, cofounder and editor of the magazine The Baffler, whose analyses over almost two decades of contemporary US society and politics have been published in eight books and in numerous contributions in the media, including The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, The Nation and Harper’s Magazine for which he writes a regular column.