France ‘did all it could’ to foil terror attacks, Hollande tells court

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Former French president told trial the government had no prior warning of Paris 2015 attacks.

Study finds inequality in France remained stable during economic crisis

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The French national institute of statistics and economic studies, INSEE, this week published its yearly report on the wealth and income of households in France. This latest study concerns 2015, and demonstrates that inequalities in living standards actually fell slightly in the seven-year period after the outbreak of the financial and economic crises. Romaric Godin reports.

France emerges from three years of stagnation

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The Eurozone’s second-largest economy grew by 1.1 per cent last year compared with 0.2 per cent growth in 2014, figures show. 

France on course for bumper year of tourism

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Data so far prompts tourism minister to predict more than 85 million tourists will have holidayed in France by end of 2015, an all-time record.

Chris Froome on brink of winning 2015 Tour de France

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The British cyclist, the target of doping allegations for his strong performance in the celebrated race, begins last stage Sunday with 1'.12" lead.

Marine Le Pen to stand in French regional elections

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President of the far-right Front National plans to compete for power in northern region normally considered a stronghold of the French Left.

French jobless total falls slightly in January

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In the first drop since August 2014,  the number of people without work fell 19,100 to 3,481,600, down 0.5 percent month on month.

‘France can transform itself’, Hollande says in New Year’s speech

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In traditional TV address to the nation, French president told viewers they had 'every reason' to feel confident about the future after a tough 2014.

Brighter economic forecast for French growth in 2015

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The French national statistics office INSEE foresees domestic product growth rise in early 2015, helped by oil price tumble and weak euro.

France's race against the clock over reforms

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French president has 100 days to deliver on changes after EU set a deadline for removing barriers to growth by March 2015.

France bows to EU pressure and pledges further budget cuts in 2015

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Finance minister tells Brussels an extra 3.6 billion euros will be cut from public spending next year, placing France 'in line with EU rules'.

France says penny-pinching risks global climate deal success in 2015

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Foreign minister Laurent Fabius says new climate aid pledges to poor countries are an ‘absolute precondition’ for next year's summit.

EU preparing to reject France’s 2015 budget say officials

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Brussels may be willing to use new compliance rules to tell Paris to rewrite its 2015 budget, triggering a crisis.